How to Use Chat

  1. Member registration:       
    1. select the chat menu on
    2. after login to web select login menu
    3. in the login menu there is a list button, then select the list item and fill in all the form provided
    4. after creating account member, you will be able to login with password and username that you have fill in member list form
  2. How to send a message:       
    1. After Login, select the "chat" menu
    2. Fill the message form as you wish and you can send the file if needed
    3. after filling the message, then click "send" button so that the message will be sent or get to larona to respond to
  3. Knowing incoming messages:       
    1. in the "chat" menu there is a small button in the number that indicates if the number is the number of incoming messages
    2. newest incoming messages, automatically at the top
  4. Changing member data:       
    1. select the My Account menu to edit your old data
    2. after changing old data, then click save.
  5. Sign out of app:       
    1. To exit the app select the "logout" button in the menubar
    2. Try after a chat or not communicate with us, you must log out!

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