Our experiences on the post implementation of system information that leads to many systems procedures without losing its simplicity, efficiency and effectiveness. Part of effeciency is online system use cloud its we call Cloud Service. Larona Information System, such as Larona Accounting and Larona Payroll is available in Cloud Service. Besides Desktop Base that we talk on Computerize Information System, Larona provide Information System also on Cloud Service.
Larona Prima Solusi

How Cloud Service Works when first implementation ?

  • Prepare.
    Our team survey what user needed
  • Design and Setup
    1. The codes for master files and tables specify the structure and length of the code digits for the files.
    2. Determine the flow of documents and transaction types and create tables.
    3. Coordinate to users to understand the flow of documents (information) related to their respective parts.
  • Testing.
    At this step, the system that has been set as complete as possible will be tried with the real situation.
    The trial period should be planned as short as possible, because at this stage the activities are carried out in parallel, so the department's workload will increase temporarily.
    Overseeing the implementation & procedures performed and analyzing the difficulties of users.
  • Switch.
    The switching process can be done step by step if there is a flow of documents or conditions that are not perfect / complete.
    Step of switching will be determined by the System Development Team (Larona Team).
  • Operation Step.
    At this stage, the system has been run regularly and all document creation activities have been transferred to the computer system. The Larona team are to be responsible with evaluation of the running of the system if there are new things that are not expected or beyond the limits of system developers.

Benefits of using Cloud Service :

  • With our cloud, you can do your payroll or accounting by online anytime and everywhere with Internet availability
  • Our cloud server use secured communication (SSL Certificate from Comodo) provided by Telkomsigma which is guaranteed reliability, no scripts are allowed to avoid hacking (using script)
  • Do not need server on your company anymore, all of data already in Cloud Server
  • This Cloud Service include Support and Maintenance system

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